You agree to following terms by proceeding with website project

  1. Payments terms- 50% Advance – 25% Midpoint to completion – 25% After Website is delivered
  2. Advance Payments are non refundable
  3. Any task not listed in scope may be charged extra.
  4. We would give you the necessary admin control required to work and to avoid unintentional structural changes/damage to the website.
  5. AMC services are intact until there is only a single admin from our end.
  6. AMC starts the cycle automatically after the Project duration mentioned above.
  7. Due to any reason from the client-side, if the website is on hold for longer than 1 month, complete payment shall be made and the work due shall be discussed.
  8. The details and costs associated with all proposal are valid for 2 weeks from the document date
  9. If the website is hosted by us, we reserve rights to change/alter the service fee as per the hosting fees of that year.
  10. If any Invoiced amount is not received by Us by the due date, then without limiting our rights or remedies,  you agree to pay 5% of the outstanding balance per month.
  11. Intellectual Property Rights and Ownership of the entire project would be assigned to you automatically after the final payment is paid.
  12. Any item not detailed in this agreement is considered out of scope and may require a change of order. All change orders will be discussed with the client prior.