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Thinkyoung Revamp Proposal

Proposal presented by: Ankreative


We discussed lead generation for which requires a base of a fine-tuned website. Traditional Approach was to collect leads using Facebook and avoid website visits. New Approach would be to take both leads in parallel and at the same time increase the value of the website by revamping it in the proper manner and guidelines.

Current website Problem

  • Lack of relevant content – Loss of customer
  • Broken pages and design –  Loss of trust
  • Improper Color Balance – Loss of visitors after 9 pm
  • Broken Blog Page
  • About us does not speak about the company in detail – Losing the prospect
  • Broken Enroll Page  – Loss of people interested in the program
  • The customer is unable to pay for multiple programs – No Add to Cart system


  • A revamp website with modern trend and fix all content/pages
  • Add a direct buy button to avoid the hassle of paying
  • Adding rich content will help the visitor understand your concept and get prepared before the call
  • Revamping with proper color pallets to make Age responsive

Scope Of Work

1 - Revamp Website (Dynamic or E-commerce) 2 - Add Ecommerce / Partial Ecommerce function 3 - Maintain the website and fix the ongoing issue

1 - Dynamic Website Development + Direct Pay - Rs.30,000

Overview - Multi Dynamic Page Website with each page dedicated for Courses, along with this we will recreate the entire homepage, about page, blog, contact etc. To make it more informative. In this we just add a "direct pay" link to buy or capture leads in form. Exclusion - We would not maintain any my accounts, tax, invoice, past orders etc. Backend - Dedicated Back- end Panel for Course page structure Image, description, timing, price, enroll, timeline, dates, duration, venue, fees, inclusion, exclusions, brochure, related courses. Pages - New Pages - Home, About, Program, Contact, Gallery , Blog Program - List of all programs Program page - Dedicated program page with details and CTA Flow - Flow 1 - Ecommerce > Program>Enroll > Cart > Payment > Checkout > Thank you Flow 2 - Lead Gen > Program > Enroll > Capture lead in form Flow 3 - Partial Ecommerce >Program > Enroll > Payment > Thank you

2 - Additional Ecommerce Function - Rs.20000

This will be added for the customer to enroll with on click. We will add a complete e-commerce system with Enroll Now, Checkout, My Account, Past orders, Payment, Invoice, Coupon code.

3 - Annual Maintenance Contract Rs.12000 / Y

We would maintain your website and secure from hacking - Fix bugs and issue - Fix payment and integration issue - Restore and Backup - Minor 2 website changes monthly - 1 hour monthly tech support - High Security Protection ---- If we are handling AMC we provide following services for free - Add Facebook Pixel - Add Google Analytics - Live Chat Setup - Fast Loading Technique - Basic Homepage SEO - Image optimization


Current Scenario - Ad Spend - Rs.20,000 | Lead count - 60 | Cost per Lead - Rs.350 | Relevant Lead - 50% - We would improve that number with value for money and better performance.

Lead Ads - Rs.10000 +10% of Ad budget

3 Campaign and 9 Target Audience Targeting Parents and Student as a base. -

Traffic Ads - Rs.5000 +10% of Ad budget

Get more people to visit the website and understand the program so as to get more relevant lead quality. 2 Campaign - 2 Audience

Website Development

Static Website with 5 Page and Course Dynamic structure

Estimated Timeline:

30 Days

Dynamic Website
15 Days
Ecommerce Facility
10 Days
Partial Ecommerce
2 Days
Marketing Setup
5 Days


All Pricing is in INR.

Dynamic Website Development + Direct Pay/Capture Lead
Full Ecommerce Function
Leads and Traffic Ads
15000 / month
Annual Maintainence Contrace
12000 / Year

Total: 77000

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